Giving Back

Timber to Table Guide Service and Dark Timber Outfitters allow us to be on the landscape doing what we love to do.  But we’re also very committed to giving back so that our kids and your kids (and grandkids) will have access to the same amazing opportunities we have been so very fortunate to experience.  

Decisions are made by those who show up…and we do our best to make that happen.  If you have any questions about how to get involved and speak up for wildlife, hunting, fishing or anything related to your public lands and waters, please contact us.  We hope this encourages you to get involved in any way, shape or form that you have the time and motivation for. There’s no shortage of opportunities to participate and it’s needed more and more with each passing day.

Here’s a quick rundown of who and what we’re involved with: 

2% For Conservation: Timber to Table is certified with this group that promotes businesses to give 1% of their time and 1% of their gross revenue to conservation-related causes. If you haven’t heard of this organization, please check them out and consider signing on if you own or work for a business that could be interested. Their approach is unique, relevant and impactful.

Backcountry Hunters and Anglers: Adam is the West Central Slope Assistant Regional Director for BHA’s Colorado chapter. Hosting the Hunting for Sustainability course, helping organize work projects (like our North Fork Valley fence removal project), participating in the myriad National Forest and BLM review processes, hosting Pint Nights and donating an elk hunt or Gunnison River fishing trip are just a few of the things Adam is involved with through this national leader in public land and water access, wildlife and habitat improvement.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife: Adam has served as a sportsperson’s representative on the following boards with CPW:

1. Sportsperson’s Roundtable

2. North Fork Habitat Partnership Program (the longest running in the state)

3. Wolf Recovery Stakeholder Advisory Group

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