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This is our bread and butter so-to-speak and what we try to steer first-time hunters towards.  You will have a 5-day guided hunt.  You can go for a cow elk or bull elk. Cows and smaller bulls (4 point and smaller 5 point bulls) only on this hunt. We try to keep it at a 1:1 guide to hunter ratio but we can accommodate 2 hunters if need be.  If you’re successful in your hunt we include processing your animal.  We’ll show you how to break down and quarter your animal, identify various cuts and essentially custom wrap your meat.  Of course, you’ll get to participate, as the best way to learn is by doing!

$2500-$3500 depending on type of hunt


If you love antlers and meat, we can help you there too.  We typically have several nice bulls and mule deer bucks that circuit through our area starting around mid-October.  You will see some good animals.  These are 1:1 guided 5-day hunts and are limited in availability. Hunters may not shoot immature bulls or bucks. Our focus will be on mature bucks (4 point or bigger) and bulls (6 point or bigger) only.

$4000-$5000 depending on species


We are not only blessed to have abundant game in our area but also a lot of fantastic farms and farmers.  During the afternoons of your 5-day hunt (while the elk and deer are bedded down), we can arrange farm visits where you can taste and participate in the harvest ritual that is a truly magical time here in our valley.



While the fall is best known for hunting around here, the fishing can be pretty darn good.  After a morning hunt, we’ll pick an afternoon or two and go float a gold medal stretch of the lower Gunnison River where big browns and rainbows await. I know the stretch well and these fishing trips will be booked through Black Canyon Anglers, the best outfit in the Gunnison Gorge! And don’t worry, we’ll be back in time for the evening hunt!

Please note, this package is available only for the late season, private land hunts.

$600 additional to any type of hunt


Youth turkey hunts are a great way to get kids hooked on hunting!  These hunts can be a lot of fun as you can get close to the birds, hear and see a lot of cool behavior and they don’t require tons of physical effort like an elk hunt can.  These hunts are ideal for a parent/child outing.  We can customize the adventure to fit your needs.

Contact us for dates & pricing.

We offer a little bit of everything so call if you have questions or need clarification.

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