At Timber to Table, we love what we do and work hard to give you the best hunt possible. Don’t take our word for it though, here’s what our hunters have to say…

One of the best experiences of my life.

“Having little to no background in hunting, but immense interest in food and spending time outdoors–my experience with Timber to Table Guide Service was both memorable and enlightening.

I learned more about hunting and elk with Adam than I had from reading books or watching YouTube videos. He answered all of my questions and was thoughtful in preparation (e.g. shot placement, comfortable range, safety protocol) and instructive during the hunt (e.g. elk behavior, thermals, stalking). Having never hunted before, he was also understanding around my hesitations and gave me ample space to not only make the decision to shoot, but also process my thoughts and feelings after. I learned how to properly skin, gut and field dress an elk hands-on, first watching as Adam walked me through the process on one side, then applying what I learned on the other side.

As exhilarating and exciting as the hunting portion was, I was equally–if not more–interested in processing the animal with Ana. As I’m sure Adam can attest, Ana has a wealth of knowledge in breaking down elk and was able to share some of it with me, albeit it was more than I could retain (took lots of videos for future use!). Drawing from her experience working as a wild game butcher, she carefully explained the cuts she making to turn elk quarters into more recognizable pieces of meat. Similar to my experience field dressing the animal with Adam, Ana first demonstrated techniques, which I then mirrored. I genuinely would not have been able to do this on my own, and I’m glad she was there to guide me through the process.

To conclude this essay of a review, I learned a lot about hunting and butchering wild game, gained a deeper appreciation for food, left with a freezer full of meat, and as a whole had one of the best experiences of my life. Excited to try a ton of different elk recipes, and I will think fondly of this experience each time I enjoy a meal.”

-Chris K., CA

I know I am better equipped to do this myself in the future.

Coming in to this hunt I was most excited about learning how to process my wild game.

Timber to Table’s “meat hunt” was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Adam helped teach me elk behavior, hunting principles and ethics, field dressing techniques, and much more. After the hunt, Ana was extremely helpful in learning meat processing techniques and different cuts of meat.

Coming away from this experience I know I am better equipped to do this myself in the future. 

Eric H., Colorado

Don’t believe I could have asked for a better guide service

“Adam and Ana helped me experience the trip of a lifetime going on my first elk hunt. Both Adam and Ana’s passion, wealth of knowledge, and dedication really shows through while working beside them. Being relatively new to hunting I didn’t quite know what to expect, but from day one I knew I could ask anything and receive a thoughtful and informative response. From Adam’s determination in the field to Ana’s invaluable processing guidance really made it an incredible opportunity. I loved the overall respect maintained for the animals and don’t believe I could have asked for a better guide service. Thank you Timber to Table!”

-Kelsey P., MS

Thanks for being an awesome family

“What an awesome lifetime memory for all of us! We are so glad it worked out for our girls (10&12) to be with their Dad when he shot his first elk. We have raised them to be mindful of what they consume. Timber to Table gave us the opportunity to have them be an integral part of the hunt, the harvest, and the processing which this time resulted in filling our freezer with quality meat. Making a special trip to Colorado from Oregon for the hunt with Timber to Table was most definitely the right choice. We couldn’t have asked for a better family to share the experience with. Adam, your knowledge and respect for the animals is admirable and a great example to our children. Ana, your gentle humble way of teaching us how to process the elk made that experience so valuable. Thanks for being the awesome family that you are!”

Melissa, Dave, Taylor and Bailey, Oregon


You guys are awesome!

“Thank you Adam and Ana for my first elk hunt. It’s an experience I’ll never forget. Being 7 months pregnant, Adam did a fantastic job tailoring the hunt to my ability.  The elk seemed to follow a script written by Adam, he knows animal behavior so well. He helped me set up my shot and kept me calm, despite my flustered excitement. His explanation of the field dressing was patient and thorough. His respect for the animal was admirable. Learning how to process the meat from Ana was invaluable. My entire experience, from the thrill of the hunt to the breathtaking landscape, was awesome and empowering. I can’t say enough good things about Timber to Table. You guys are awesome! Thanks again.”

-Gretchen D., Montana

It was an honor to learn from them

“I completed a guided hunt with Timber to Table through Conservation Leaders for Tomorrow and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. I had never gone on a big-game hunt as the hunter, nor had I ever experienced a guided hunt. Needless to say, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. However, after meeting Adam and Ana and learning more about their deep appreciation for public land and ethical hunting practices, I began to highly respect the operation they run. They complement each other beautifully; it was an honor to learn from them and I’m eager to put everything they taught me about ethical hunting to use.” 

-Gabriela Z.

He was the hardest working guide I have ever hunted with.

“I hunted with Adam during Archery Elk season of 2015…. if you are serious about getting in front of elk Adam is the guy hands down.  He worked continuously to move me in front of bull elk. I had the opportunity to shoot 2 different trophy bulls that were within 25 yds and saw many other shooters. He was the hardest working guide I have ever hunted with, and took the time to really explain and educate me about the animals and environment. Adam was very encouraging and determined to do everything he could to make my hunt successful.  He is very humble, honest and shows great appreciation for the animals, wilderness, and hunting experience he provides.  I don’t think lazy is a word in his vocabulary.”

-Shawn B., Texas

I learned more in this guided hunt than I would have learned in 20 years.

“Adam and Ana at Timber to Table not only helped me shoot my first elk, but they guided me on the entire process. I have always wanted to go elk hunting, but just the thought of it literally had me fearful to the point of tears. I had no idea how to even start – where to buy a rifle, how to choose the right one, how to clean it, how to learn how to shoot, tracking, quiet walking, breathing, glassing, herd dynamics and behavior, etc. Even just the basics were overwhelming. Adam and Ana at Timber to Table not only helped me shoot my first elk, but they guided me on the entire process. We have a freezer full of the yummiest meat I have ever eaten, and I still want to pinch myself that I over came my fears. Adam and Ana were the best coaches and teachers, and all the baby steps will be with me for life. I learned more in this guided hunt than I would have learned in 20 years. THANK YOU BOTH!”

-Alison G., Colorado

Their hospitality was second to none and the food was great.

“This was my first hunting experience and Adam, along with his wife, Ana, made it better than I could have imagined.  Adam took me through the entire process from planning, to bullet placement, through execution of the shot. Once the animal was down, Adam walked me through field care and preparation for processing. Three days later, Ana taught my son and I how to butcher the elk and made sure we left with packaged meat ready to consume once we got back home. Adam and Ana did everything they could to make my experience informative and memorable.Their hospitality was second to none and the food was great. Since my hunt ended early they even suggested some local spots that I should visit to fill in my time until my flight home. I cannot say enough good things about this trip.”

-Angie S., NJ

My son and I both learned a lot and loved the whole process.  


“Timber to Table was the ideal outfitter to use for our father and son hunt.  Aside from being a great guy, Adam is the consummate guide and worked hard to create opportunities for us to harvest an elk.  My son and I both learned a lot and loved the whole process.  The tented camp was very comfortable, and only outdone by the wholesome and delicious food created by Ana.  We look forward to more hunts with Adam in the future!”

-Chris and Hutson C., Colorado

My son shares the story about his hunt every time we eat elk with friends.  


“My son Jack (14) and I had an incredible week with Adam and Ana. Adam is a class act, an amazing guide, extremely safe and expert about guns and educational about elk, ecology, and land conservation. He is also easy to talk to and be around and can cook some mean dinners! We felt so well taken care of. My son shares the story about his hunt every time we eat elk with friends. I can see how proud he is and how much he has grown because of the experience, which served as a real rite of passage for him. Through this wonderful introduction to hunting, we now feel confident enough to go hunting on our own. The butchering process was a huge part of it as well. Ana was great at teaching about the anatomy and all the different cuts and because of all the time we spent processing the meat, we don’t take a single pound of it for granted. All around a great life event that we would recommend to anyone interested in knowing what it’s like to find, harvest and process your own meat. I would venture to say it’s an experience I wish everyone could have. Thanks Adam and Ana!”

-Christina D., CO 

It would be nearly impossible to overstate what a treat the whole experience was.  


“Adam and Ana make an incredible team. This was my first big-game hunting experience and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Both are superb teachers and a pleasure to spend time with. Adam knows the land, the animals, and how to get you in close for a clean, ethical kill. Ana’s expertise with a knife is truly remarkable. I came away, not only with a lot of meat (!!), but also with sufficient knowledge of every step in the hunting process so that next season I feel confident I can hunt, shoot, and process an elk ‘from timber to table’. They take great care and pride in what they do, and it shows. What they are doing falls so perfectly in line with what I wanted out of a hunting experience, and it would be nearly impossible to overstate what a treat the whole experience was.”

Gavin C., UT

Thank you for making our trip successful and memorable.

This was my first Western hunting experience and it was a huge success! My wife and I can’t stop telling the stories to our friends and family. I have hunted whitetail deer for the last eight years in the Midwest. I have always wanted to do a Western elk hunt but didn’t have a clue how to pull it off. I read about this cool company in Colorado, Timber to Table, that specializes in taking new hunters and teaching them how to process their animal. When my wife and I arrived in Colorado, Adam helped us get my hunting license, took me to the shooting range to check my rifle, and gave me some shooting pointers that I have continued to use with great success. The next morning, Adam put me in front of a herd of elk and I was able to successfully take an elk for the first time! Adam’s instruction during the field dressing of my elk was very informative. We met Ana later to process our elk. She was an expert in butchering and packaging the cuts of meat. Adam and Ana even shared cooking tips for the various cuts. We have an entire freezer full of delicious meat that we have been eating and sharing with family and friends. Thank you so very much Adam and Ana for making our trip successful and memorable. 

Jim and Beth S., Michigan

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